Heads Up

I am going to be cleaning house in BigTreesTech.  I will be removing all content that is not directly accessible through the main page.  So, if you happen to use content that is still indirectly accessible, like Trails descriptions, etc, now is the time to make copies of what you want.  I will begin the clean up process about the middle of December but there will be no further warning.

SPAM Attack

UPDATE: I have also tightened up the security on how many times one can try to log in with an incorrect username or password and increased the lockout duration. This really is incredible! I’m getting about 1 false login attempt per minute from China, India, Russia, you name it.
I’m sorry but I have had to disable registration due to an overwhelming barrage of spam registration attempts from all over the world today. I will wait a couple days and re-enable registration and see how it goes.

New Business Directory Is Live

The new Business Directory is Live!

Registered users should be able to add listings.  This is a community supported project.  While I may add a listing or two myself I am unlikely to respond to many requests to add listings.  If you have trouble with the process, let me know (see the article below as to how to do that).

PLEASE! Before you add a listing, have all the required information available.  We do NOT want partial listings made in hopes that someone else will fill in the details later!