Changes Coming

UPDATE: 2/20/17

I have found an attractive new platform for re-development of the weather station data and camera image processing.  It’s not a done deal but it looks very promising.


As mentioned in the forum, I plan on making some major changes here on

  1.  The forum is going away.  Over the past year or so, due to an exceptional number of attempted spammer attacks, maintenance of the forum has become a major headache.  I am tentatively planning on eliminating the forum in early March, 2017.  Hopefully someone will step up and create a new community discussion venue.  If they do, I will be happy to provide a link or description of how to join on BigTreesTech.  Once the forum is gone, there should be no reason for registering or logging in.  All the content should be available to everyone.
  2. The webhost that I use for BigTreesTech has recently made some changes that seem to have broken the real time image slideshow.  To correct this problem is going to take a major overhaul of how I upload images and how they are displayed on the site.  I guess I should feel lucky that it has been several years since I had to do any programming for the site but I’ve also become very rusty.  I will try to get something working during an interval where we’re not expecting a lot of snow.
  3. I want to change the amount of weather information provided (more) and how it is displayed.  Again, this will force me to delve into some programming.  I will probably put this off until the threat of severe weather has passed for the season.