Thank You!

Thank you all who helped reach the fundraising goal of $2500!  Together, we did it!

If you were one of the early donors and don’t see your donation listed on the fundraising page, my apologies.  When I switched team affiliations from Sacramento to the Greater Bay Area, they transferred the donation balance but not the individual donor information.  I have put in a request that the information be transferred as well but have not heard back.  However, rest assured that for tax purposes, LLS has a record of your donation.

Even though I will no longer be matching donations, you can still join me in this battle!

Do it HERE!

Once again, THANK YOU!


America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

Until I signed up for the LLS Team In Training Cycle Team last month I had  not been on my bicycle since April 22nd, 2012.  I know the exact date because I participated in events both that Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday managed to injure myself.

I’ll be creating a new menu item at the top of the page where I’ll be documenting the equipment I’ll be using, my training, progress etc.  If you’ve contributed to Dana’s fundraiser, THANK YOU!  If not, then here is another opportunity to  help fight blood cancers, and show your appreciation for BigTreesTech!

Here’s the LINK!

All the best,