Recent Vandalism at BTV Recreation Center

Late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning on June 18-19 a person, or persons unknown, vandalized the Big Trees Village Property Owner’s office building and grounds.

It is apparent, by what was written, that the issue was about our VIP program, Volunteers in Prevention, as the initials VIP were spray painted all over the walls and windows of the buildings, all the picnic tables, the BBQ area, trees, our signs and the pavement. Locks were glued shut and new volleyball and badminton nets were cut.

It is unfortunate that the person(s) involved felt it better to vandalize the property rather than call the office with a complaint.  The sheriff has been notified, as has Cal Fire, who partners with us in the VIP program.

We would like to offer a reward for information leading to an arrest, but have not collected funds at this time.  We are still working with the insurance company to determine the financial extent of the damage.

We ask anyone with information about the incident to contact the Sheriff’s office, 209-754-6500 or the anonymous tip line 209-754-6030.

Thank You

Big Trees Village Property Owners Association Board